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Testimonials - We aim to keep our customers happy

Not only those seeking a vacation heaven, but also those aspiring for a permanent relocation and spending their everyday life under the Greek sun, or those willing to invest and pursue a business venture.

They will do their best for you and your interests

I would like to take the time to address the services BeNative are providing to us and their qualities. We have been working together for 2 years already and have received a lot of help from them, including advice in both personal and business matters. One of the most important aspects of their service, is response time, being always less than 24 hours, a crucial benefit in our field of operation. Whether you have issues with your legal documents or your company’s applications/executions there will always be a piece of useful advice to you and in necessary cases, assistance through physical presence is provided by them, so most importantly you won’t get stuck or lost in a certain point of your journey with them.

I’d like you to be aware that if you chose to co-operate with BeNative, they will do their best for you and your interest in the quickest way possible.

Andrej Kuznyecov
We highly recommend it.

We are more than happy to work with BeNative for the last 3 years: They have constantly demonstrated professionalism and expertise. We appreciate that they provides accurate answers: if we ask them a question and if, for once, they are not 100% sure, they make the appropriate time and research in order to guarantee the correct information. They manage the communication with us in a timely and clear manner.
In addition to standard Accounting & Tax services, Stefanos represents our company to the local Authorities and performs regular legislative monitoring. He is definitely our trusted advisor, always providing clever recommendations and executing processes diligently and accurately. He goes willingly the extra mile and he is a pleasure to work with. We trust BeNative as a very reliable and accountable service provider and we highly recommend them.

Catherine & Laurent Charbonnier
It has been smooth sailing for the last five years.

As a Canadian, navigating the Greek government rules and regulation to establish a Charter yacht business would have been impossible.  Another much larger charter operator recommended Stefanos, a partner in BeNative, to provide me corporate and accounting services to help establish and run my business – it has been smooth sailing for the last five years.

David Baird
I would recommend BeNative to anyone!

Stefanos, a partner in BeNative has been my accountant for the last year, since I moved to Corfu. They have assisted me in obtaining my residence permit and completed my tax declaration. Always on hand to answer any questions I have and they provide up-to-date information. I would recommend BeNative to anyone seeking their services in Corfu.

Helen Williams
BeNative & Stefanos have my full confidence in the continued day-to-day management of my business

I called on BeNative in Corfu, in order to set up my Greek company. I met Stefanos Vlastos there! The entrepreneur that I am was immediately impressed by the thoroughness of this young expert. It has not often been given to me, during my long working life, to meet so much skill, hard work, reliability, and righteousness in one man. I dare not think of the nightmare that would have been mine if I had had to face the mysteries of the Greek administration on my own, without all their connections and introductions. The provisional budgets proved to be correct at the end of the mission, which is rather rare in any area!! The notion of service and honesty is, for this office, a true corporate culture, passed down from generation to generation. I was treated to a flawless course; BeNative & Stefanos have my full confidence in the continued day-to-day management of my business.

I wish all his future clients, to have as much pleasure as I have had, to benefit from such a collaboration.”

Jo Noorbergen
A partner that will definitely benefit you

I met Konstantinos through BeNative 3 years ago. Konstantinos and the team are perfectly fluent in Italian and they have helped me navigate the bureaucratic practices required for the acquisition of a villa, along with the design and implementation of a pool project. I am a pensioner and through Benative, I will definitely benefit from the favorable new tax legislation by transferring my permanent tax address in Corfu, since they have demonstrated their competence and technical knowledge.

Raul Bruni
I would definitely recommend them.

I met Konstantinos a year ago and his agency has helped me register my car to the Greek authorities in order to receive Greek Plates. This year, BeNative is preparing my documentation for the transfer of my permanent tax address from Italy to Corfu, in order for me to gain all the benefits of the new Greek tax legislation. They are very friendly and comport themselves in a very professional manner. I would definitely recommend them.

Sibel Zeyneb Diker