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Golden Visa Program Greece

We offer an array of services with regards to your application for the Golden Visa Program, making the transition and relocation to Corfu and the Greek Ionian Islands straightforward and most importantly hassle free.

The Greek government in 2013 introduced the Golden Visa program, one of the most competitive Golden Visa programs in the European Union, a scheme with great appeal for non-EU citizens as it enables them to obtain a residence permit by investing in some form of asset whether that be property or land equaling to the amount of 250.000 EUR or over. This attractive investment scheme grants third-country citizens (including their spouse and children up to the age of 21) a residence permit with the prospect of renewal every 5 years, along with the ability to travel freely within all Schengen countries. Our broad range of services and network of associates can offer all the relative support and advice with regards to forming a relocation plan which is tailored to your individual needs. From assisting with the documentation required to embark on your relocation journey to finding or building the property of your dreams, BeNative can help you every step of the way, serving as a one-stop shop for all your needs.


Choose your package

We have created two complete packages that meet most of our client cases. Choose the one that meets your needs or send us to create a plan personalized on your specific relocation plan.

Pro relocation package

On-site Assistance during initial stage

Search of rental properties and contract review

Banking matters – accounts, e-banking, cards etc

Handling Public Authorities

Financial Consultation

Fiscal Residency and Tax Registration

EU-Citizen Residency Permit

Basic relocation package

Financial Consultation

Fiscal Residency and Tax Registration

EU-Citizen Residency Permit

Tax Processing Μatters

More Services

wide-ranging support whether regarding an individual or a legal entity