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Golden Visa Comparison Guide: Greece vs Portugal

06 Jan 2022
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Golden Visa Comparison Guide: Greece vs Portugal

Are you seeking to acquire EU residency and wondering which country to choose? Both Greece and Portugal offer competitive residency by investment programs which are encompassed by a variety of benefits. Whilst these popular Golden Visa Programs offer significant rewards they differ quite substantially.

At BeNative we appreciate that buying property or even considering relocating is a big decision, and it is our responsibility to guide you through the formalities with sound, practical advice. In this guide we aim to do just that. We delve into both the Greek and Portuguese Golden Visa investment schemes, focusing on what they both offer and which we believe to be the best residence by investment choice.

Some key points will be included in this article:
  • Greek and Portuguese Golden Visa Program explained
  • The Benefits of each Golden Visa Program
  • Eligibility criteria for both Golden Visa Programs
  • The costs involved for the application for both Golden Visa Programs.
  • Which investment types qualify for a Golden Visa?
  • BeNative: Who we are and how we can assist with obtaining a Greek Golden Visa.

An Overview: Greece’s and Portugal’s Golden Visa Program

Both countries are renowned for their unique beauty, cultures, warm climates and low cost of living. As popular tourist destinations, both Golden Visa Programs offer individuals and their families a new way of life in return for a relatively low investment. The question is which country offers the most attractive residency by investment scheme?

Greece’s and Portugal’s Golden Visa Program explained

  • The Greek Golden Visa Program was introduced in 2013 by the Greek Government, permitting non EU citizens (third country nationals) the right to invest in Greece. Specifically individuals and their families are eligible for Greek Residency in exchange for a minimum of 250.000€ EUR of Real Estate investment.
  • The Portuguese Golden Visa Program is an immigration and investment visa launched in 2012 by the Portuguese Government which offers non-EU investors and their families Portuguese residency, in exchange for a minimum qualifying investment of 280.000€ EUR.

General Requirements for Greece’s and Portugal’s Golden Visa Programs


Comparison of Greece and Portugal Golden Visa Program 2021:

program characterstics golden visa 1

Deciding which Golden Visa Program to choose from can be challenging as both Golden Visa Programs are very competitive. Both Greece’s and Portugal’s Golden Visa Programs offer a variety of similar benefits such as application time, passport ranking, family eligibility etc., however they also have some key differences which are worth looking into further.

One key difference that one may want to consider is the eligibility to work. Portugal allows individuals to work without restrictions whereas this is not the case in Greece. Golden Visa Holders are allowed to reside in the country but they are not permitted to find employment apart from setting up their own business.

In terms of Golden Visa investment routes, both Programs seem appealing. An advantage the Greek Golden Visa Program has, is that it has a minimum expenditure of 250.000€. This is the most affordable residence by investment scheme within Europe and could be an important factor to consider.

There are also no residency requirements when it comes to the Greek Golden Visa scheme which allows flexibility to the individual and the accompanied family members in comparison with Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme where the individual must spend a couple of weeks per year in order to retain residency rights.

Overall, while Portugal’s Golden Visa has been recognised for its advantages we believe Greece’s Golden Visa Program offers a faster turnaround period, lower investment requirements and ultimately more value for money.

Golden Visa Application Fees

Golden Visa Application Fees

BeNative: Who we are and how we can assist with obtaining a Golden Visa

BeNative is a modern consultancy firm aiming to provide excellent assistance to individuals or business entities wishing to relocate to the Greek Ionian Islands region. Our range of services have scope to facilitate your relocation in a timely and stress free manner. We are capable of dealing with individuals and families wishing to relocate to Greece utilising the Golden Visa Program. We offer a complete service from finding the right property for you, to assisting with all legal matters. To book your consultation with one of our relocation experts, contact us directly at with your inquiries alternatively check out our website for further information.

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